Open positions

Positions are available for brilliant thinkers and passionate "doers" who truly want to make a difference in this world, and open up new research directions (see "Research position opportunities").
Opportunities are also available for engineers with entrepreneurial passion who are excited about creating innovation and new start-ups here in Singapore, to ultimately bring new technologies directly to people (see "Research opportunities for prospective startups").

Research position opportunities
Positions are available for top and highly motivated students or talented engineers from the industry who are interested in joining our new Green IC research group as
  • Research Engineers (RE) for typically 6-12 months
  • Ph.D. graduate students (4 years)
  • Post-doc (1 year or more).
  • Candidate’s talent should be complemented by a strong passion for innovation and desire to have a strong impact on people’s lives through technology. Admitted researchers will have opportunities to carry out leading-edge research in an environment that promotes the development of solid foundations (think) and project-based collaborative learning (build). The implementation of innovative ideas is supported with state-of-the-art equipment and computing resources, as well as intense cross-disciplinary collaboration. Admitted researchers will work on new ideas and build integrated circuits in cutting-edge technologies down to 14 nanometers, and can be involved in our collaborations with leading institutions in academia and industry (UCBerkeley, UMich, EPFL, Intel, STM, TSMC, among the others).

    Instructions for applicants:
    • Research Engineers and Post-docs are selected directly by the Green IC group, upon the submission of the materials below, a pre-selection step and an interviewApplications can be sent directly to Prof. Alioto via email any time during the year. Hiring is subject to the availability of positions at the time of the application.
    • Ph.D. candidates need to independently apply to NUS, and pass the official admission process at NUS (see the webpage of the Graduate Studies Office - Faculty of Engineering, admission criteria, application guide, housing). The candidate need to be aware of the yearly timeline for NUS admission (Graduate Studies Office) and apply accordingly. At the same time, candidates will need to pass also the selection through the Green IC group, in order to join the group. Direct applications to our group need to be sent to Prof. Alioto via email (depending on availability, an interview with Prof. Alioto will be scheduled with the most promising candidates). Different types of Ph.D. programs are available, such as the well-established NUS program, the NGS program (see below), and industrial Ph.D. program that has tighter link with industry.
    Financial support is provided for all above positions.

    For admission as Research Engineers and Ph.D. students, preference will be given to those who have a Master’s degree on a relevant discipline, but exceptionally talented students with Bachelor degree can also apply.
    Priority is typically given to Ph.D. candidates who have already joined the group temporarily as Research Engineers.

    If you are qualified and share the same passion for excellence, you can contact Prof. Alioto via email attaching:
  • undergraduate and M.S. transcripts
  • research statement in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (suitable for 30-minute presentation, if you are selected for an interview), containing
  • a brief outline of your previous research experience, with emphasis on your personal contribution in every project you have participated in (40%)
  • current interests and on-going projects (10%)
  • experience with IC design, CAD tools and tapeouts (20%)
  • original ideas that you would like to work on (not necessarily circuits, but in the end demonstrated through circuits), and how these idea contribute to the excellence of our group (10%)
  • your strengths and weaknesses (10%)
  • your aspirations and personal motivation (10%)
  • details on
  • which institutions you applied to and why
  • a list of at least three academic/industrial references (and related website/email address) who know well about you and your work, and can provide feedback upon our request
  • the type of positions of interest (e.g., intern, Research Engineer, PhD, postdoc), in order of preference
  • your end goal (what do you want to be in 5-10 years?)
  • if you are more interested in academic research, or research that will likely go to create a hi-tech startup (which you might also be part of) 
  • if you have a particularly high GPA, express interest for specific scholarships such as NGS (see below), industrial Ph.D., etc.
  • clarify if you are self-funded
  • clarify if you qualify for some of the scholarships below, and if you have applied to some of them
  • the intended timeline and timing constraints (when you are available, for how long, etc.), in case you are selected.
  • Incomplete research statements will not be considered.

    For Ph.D. candidates, you may also apply for other Ph.D. scholarships (in addition to the positions funded by research projects), such as the Singapore International Graduate Award (SINGA). In this case, an A*STAR co-advisor and a topic need to be agreed on in advance after the interview at Green IC group.
    Other schemes to obtain a scholarship subject to eligibility criteria are
    • NUS Graduate School (NGS) for top talented students (advisable to apply to both the traditional NUS in-take and NGS)
    • A*Star Graduate Scholarship (AGS)
    • NRF
    • LKY
    • Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF)
    • DSTA
    • Industrial Postgraduate Programme (IPP)
    Students from different countries might have access to additional scholarships. For example:
    CAVEAT: joining the Green IC group requires successful passing of the above internal selection and interview process, in addition to the chosen scheme for scholarship award.
    You can get the flyer below.

    Research opportunities for prospective startups
    If you are interested in making an impact as researcher and entrepreneur, we are also working on several ideas that will be translated into commercial technologies in the next few years.
    We have Research Engineer positions for people who are truly passionate about developing new technologies and make them available to the people by starting up a company here in Singapore. If you are interested, please follow the same above guidelines, and specify your interest in your application.

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