Physically Unclonable Function database (PUFdb)


Database of Physically Unclonable Functions
The PUFdb database collects thorough and up-to-date information on publicly available Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) and related performance figures.
We hope this will be useful to our community, help keep track of the continuous advances in PUFs and acknowledge the fine work of our colleagues who push the boundaries in the field.

PUFdb spreadsheet
You can download the spreadsheet containing the PUFdb here: PUFdb revision 2018-10-15

For use in publications and presentations please cite this data collection as follows:
M. Alioto, A. Alvarez, "Green IC Physically Unclonable Function database," [Online]. Available:

For authors of new PUFs and papers with experimental validation
Authors of new PUFs who wish their PUF to be included in the future revisions of this database can send an email to Prof. Alioto and attach the following pieces of information:
  • reference of the publication presenting the PUF
  • PUF performance and numerical data based on the figures of merit used in the above spreadsheet.
Any comment/suggestion on how to improve this page and the spreadsheet is welcome.

Technology trends in PUFs
From the PUFdb data collection, trends in ASIC implementation of PUFs are described in terms of density (area per bit), native instability rate, and energy efficiency (energy per bit). The related figures and comments are also reported in the PUFdb spreadsheet, to facilitate their usage in other publications (see above for how to cite the data collection).
Click here to download the related summary of technology trends.