RECMICRO: design of reconfigurable microarchitectures

RECMICRO: Design Framework and Scripts to Design Reconfigurable Microarchitectures (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
The RECMICRO design framework includes all detailed scripts to perform fully automated and microarchitecture-agnostic design of reconfigurable microarchitectures, starting from the Verilog netlist of a conventional microarchitecture that was previously synthesized with any commercial synthesis tool.
We hope this will be useful to our community, to push the concept of reconfigurable microarchitectures forward, and to fully explore their potential through open access to the scripts we used to develop our chips.

RECMICRO scripts
You can download the scripts and related instructions here: (link to be added shortly)

For use in publications and presentations please cite this data collection as follows:
S. Jain, M. Alioto, "RECMICRO: Design Framework and Scripts to Design Reconfigurable Microarchitectures," [Online]. Available:

For future contributors who want to expand the RECMICRO design framework
Authors of improved or additional scripts to enhance the capabilities of the RECMICRO design framework are welcome to share them by sending an email to Prof. Alioto, and attach the following pieces of information:
  • scripts
  • brief description of the EDA tool setup used, and instructions to use the scripts.
Any comment/suggestion on how to improve this page and the spreadsheet is welcome.